9000 mq/h

Speed Tapiro has a range of four different versions that make it suitable for any type and size of beach

Its speed reduces cleaning job time, its dynamism makes it agile in his movements between the umbrellas, effective at the highest levels./p>

- Speed
Even faster to optimize the time in beachcleaning operations, with lower consumption thanks to the use of more environmentally friendly engines.

- Dynamism
Agile in his movements between the umbrellas, effective at the highest levels.

- Reliability and versatility
Ease of tooling of all the optional available, including the rake, shovel, bucket, nebulizer, the sanitizer, the pressure washer, the drill and the trailer truck.

- Stability
Stability and reliability are the basis of the SPEED TAPIRO construction.

Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the use of environmentally friendly engines.
The easiness of equipping all the options make it an irreplaceable work companion

Technical data

Work depth capacity   Up to 15 cm by 150 cm width (mod. 150)
Work capacity   Up to 9000 mq/h (mod 150)
Honda Motor   PETROL 22 HP
Lombardini Kohler Motor   DIESEL 35HP - 52HP (liquid cooling) | PETROL 35 HP
Sieve   n° 3 interchangeable inox
Motion/driving gear, optionals   Hydraulics
Dimensions   Length 322 cm - Width 166cm - Height 162 cm
Weight   mod.150 1220 kg
Starter   Eletric with battery
Material of construction   Parti a contatto con la sabbia e bulloneria in acciaio inox 316 rimanente in ferro zincato e verniciato
Debries container   Hydraulics
  • PITCHFORKS (Height120cm - max 800kg)
    For pallets lifting

    For sand movement

    span>For beach umbrellas placement

  • RAKE
    For seaweeds collection

    To sand flatten

    For sanitize and clean

    For beds and beach umbrellas cleaning


    To soften the sand